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Our Mission

The mission of the Organic Landscape Association is to support the landscape professional and all commercial interests within the landscape industry and to unify the meaning of organic as a market brand in landscaping while strengthening and supporting efforts to maintain the integrity of the definition of organic in landscaping.

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All 50 States Recognizing the Importance of Using Organic Landscaping Principles
Industry Adoption of a Soil Centered Approach to Landscape Management


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Your membership supports our educational and advocacy efforts to make natural, organic practices the standard approach in landscape management.

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The OLA Partner Program

The Partner Program of the Organic Landscape Association is designed to support and shine a light on the communities, institutions, municipalities, and nonprofits across the country that are promoting or adopting organic landscaping.

We believe the OLA Partner Program will break new ground in terms of growing the adoption of organic landscaping and greatly benefit the public at large.

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