Our Mission Matters

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Organic Landscape Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Organic Landscape Association is to advance the knowledge and practice of organic landscaping through education and advocacy, to support the landscape professional and commercial interests within the landscape industry, to establish and maintain professional standards for organic landscape professionals, and to coordinate and support the efforts of local organizations seeking to reduce the use of chemical lawn pesticides on public and private property.

Statement of Goals

There is a growing demand for landscape professionals who can maintain lawns, public parks, natural and managed landscapes, and playing fields without the use of toxic chemicals. As the organic landscaping industry matures, the Organic Landscape Association strives to become an organization that provides a collective voice and resource for our members.

The goals of the Organic Landscape Association are as follows:

1. To raise the profile of the professional organic landscaping community within the green industry, and to serve as a national resource for science-based information about organic lawn and landscape care.

2. To establish national standards for organic lawn care professionals, and provide training and accreditation to our members, and the promotion of accredited professionals to the public.

3. To increase the knowledge base of our members by facilitating access to product and service providers through online and in-person events, meetings and professional support programs.

4. To provide information and logistical support to local organizations across the country seeking to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in their neighborhoods, schools, and municipalities.