Meet the Founding Sponsors of the Organic Landscape Association

Meet the Founding Sponsors of the Organic Landscape Association

The mission of the Organic Landscape Association is to advance the knowledge and practice of organic landscaping through education and advocacy, to support the landscape professional and commercial interests within the landscape industry, to establish and maintain professional standards for organic landscape professionals, and to coordinate and support the efforts of local organizations seeking to reduce the use of chemical lawn pesticides on public and private property.

The Founding Sponsors of the Organic Landscape Association are the companies that believe in this mission and have stood behind the formation of this association.

The complete list of Founding Sponsors are listed below in alphabetical order. Please take the time to learn about these impressive companies whose sponsorship has helped launch the initiatives of Organic Landscape Association.

The OLA will always be grateful for the belief and support of these Founding Sponsors.

Bee Safe is a Founding Sponsor of the Organic Landscape Association

BeeSafe Lawns

BeeSafe PlaySafe!

BeeSafe Lawns is the nations leading provider of Alternative Lawn Care Programs. Through its network of Certified Applicators, BeeSafe offers organic and reduced risk lawn services to homeowners, commercial clients, and municipalities all across the USA.

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Coast Of Maine

Coast of Maine

Organic Products for Healthy Plants

Using locally-sourced marine residuals, Coast of Maine hand crafts compost-based products that are biologically diverse and rich in the nutrients that plants need to thrive.

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Products, Services, and Support for Ecological Landcare

Compostwerks assists ecologically minded growers, transitioning green industry professionals, municipalities, colleges, institutions and composting operations. Compostwerks carries all the products, equipment and support you will need to greatly reduce or eliminate pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers in your living environment.

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Contractor Fuel builds websites for landscapers and construction contractors with a customer centric approach

Contractor Fuel

Website Design + Powerful Strategy

Contractor Fuel creates websites and digital assets for landscapers, contractors, and professional service providers to attract ideal clients and win profitable business using a customer-centric approach.

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Frank Crandall Horticultural Solutions

Frank Crandall Horticultural Solutions

Consulting, Seminars, & Professional Industry Services

Frank Crandall Horticultural Solutions provides consulting services for dedicated landscapers, horticulturists, and organic companies looking to improve deficiencies in business organization, estimating/pricing, profitability, and address labor challenges.

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GoodNature Organic Lawn Care

GoodNature Organic Land Care

Making the World a Little Better Place, One Organic Landscape at a Time

Good Nature Organic Land Care provides the lawns you're looking for and the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s maintained naturally and is pet-friendly and kid-friendly. GoodNature's online Organic Lawn Care Store sells organic fertilizers, weed control/suppressants, and insect control options.

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Greater Earth Organics

Greater Earth Organics

GEOTEA Compost Tea Machines to Build Productive Soil

With a GEOTEA Machine, one can safely and effectively extract and multiply beneficial microbial societies into a liquid solution that can be easily applied to farm fields, orchards, turf, landscapes, greenhouses or anything else that nurtures living plants. GEOTEA Machines can be set up in modular systems to accommodate any output requirements and are in use in at least 24 countries worldwide by Landscapers, Arborists, Farms, Vineyards, Universities, Golf Courses, Greenhouses and others.

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Green Earth Ag and Turf

Green Earth Ag & Turf

One Stop Organic and IPM Shop

Green Earth Ag and Turf is a wholesale provider of organic products to all the green industries. Green Earth Ag and Turf researches and backs all of our products, provides full technical and consulting support for your growing or treatment programs and has experience in building soil health with methods that reduce inputs, increase your yields or quality and saves you money.

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Live Love Dogs sells gifts for dog lovers

Live Love Dogs

Products for dog lovers with a portion of every sale donated to canine rescue.

Live Love Dogs sells Pawsitively fetching sWAG for dog-loving humans and their furry friends. We believe life is pretty great, and even greater shared with a dog. LLD is passionate about supporting safe, chemical fee landscapes for people and pets.

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Osborne Organics is an organic landscaping consultant

Osborne Organics

Consultant, Practitioner, and Teacher of the Systems Approach to Natural Turf Management

Osborne Organics supports and educates the land care industry and public sector in alternative approaches to turf management. Osborne Organics works with state agencies, municipalities, universities and nonprofit organizations in the areas of organic turf management and pesticide elimination and delivers in-depth training to both landscape contractors and the municipal sector in natural turf methods.

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PJC Organic

PJC Organic

All Natural Turf Care Products and Programs

PJC Organic manufactures Renaissance Organic Fertilizer, distributes soil amendments and provides support and education to landscapers, schools, and municipalities on how to implement an All Natural Organic Turf Care Program. PJC Organic products and programs have been developed, tested and proven on thousands of properties with outstanding results. At PJC we aim to serve our customers and the environment by providing All Natural Organic Fertilizer Products and Programs that are safe, effective and sustainable.

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Soil Food Web New York

Soil Food Web NY

The Laboratory Measuring The Life In Your Soil

Soil Food Web New York provides the most comprehensive soil testing in the world today looking at soil biology to help you create the best possible soil conditions for your plants. Soil Food Web New York develops easy to follow programs for plant care, works with you to reduce or eliminate inorganic applications to save you time and money, then helps you select the correct products to get you the best results.

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Tech Terra Environmental

Tech Terra Environmental

Ecological Solutions for Professional Landscapers

Tech Terra Environmental helps professional landscapers gain more customers quickly by implementing an environmentally friendly lawn care system that is simple and cost-effective. We provide top quality products and support with economical prices. With over 30 years of green industry experience, we will walk you through the entire process. Tech Terra Environmental's goal is to help grow your business.

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