The OLA Events Calendar is Live!

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"I 'm so busy running my business that I hardly have time to search for the next continuing education opportunity."

"We need additional promotion to make our next event successful."

"I wish I knew where I could attend an event locally to learn more about organic landscaping."

These are typical of the comments long heard from the landscape industry, nonprofit organizations, and homeowners.

We hope to do something about that because the Organic Landscape Association Events Calendar is live!

At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal, but this calendar is another important contribution to the forward progress of the organic landscaping industry.

And just how will it contribute, you might be asking?

By providing what has always been the key to wider adoption — greater awareness of organic landscaping information and training.

Most everyone implementing an organic landscaping approach in their home or business made a conscious decision to do so once they engaged with information that shifted their mindset on the subject.

The focus of the OLA Event's Calendar is to create greater awareness of informational or educational opportunities for landscaping professionals and the general public regarding a natural, organic approach to land management.

The OLA's event calendar can support and grow the organic industry in the following ways:

Promoting More Than OLA Events

Many nonprofits and private organizations across the country are offering valuable information through events that are often underpublicized. Until now, there has not been a comprehensive and far-reaching national platform that organizations can leverage to promote to professionals and advocates alike.

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The Organic Landscape Association Events Calendar will promote the nonprofits and private organizations that share in the OLA mission - in addition to serving as the portal for all the upcoming OLA events in production, including webinars and accreditation initiatives.

The Organic Landscape Association will act as a strategic promotional partner for these organizations through the OLA Events Calendar, furthering the cause of chemical-free landscaping.

National Information Hub

Landscape professionals are a busy bunch.

It’s not easy to stay on top of the educational or professional opportunities available to us. It's easy to miss a valuable event in your region if you aren’t on the right email list at the right time to be notified or didn't have time to check in with various organizations.

The same goes for information for the general public when it comes to staying informed as to what is going on locally. The fragmented distribution of information has been a limiting factor stalling the spread of the science-based, practical knowledge needed to bring the industry forward. The same is true for the segment of the general public that wants to learn how to work on their property organically because it's challenging to stay informed about what is going on locally.

Expanded Reach

Planning and promoting an event of any type is not easy.

It requires lots of coordination and helping hands. It can even be a financially risky endeavor if attendance is poor. Still, too many organizations promote events to limited contact lists with lackluster results.

The industry is eager for knowledge on how to manage landscapes organically. With a bit of expanded promotion, live events that once attracted only local attendees can begin to take advantage of motivated professionals willing to travel further for competent training and productive networking. In other words, a little additional exposure can go a long way.

"The industry is eager for knowledge on how to manage landscape organically."

Organizations raising awareness in the public domain and educating the landscape industry on organic practices deserve as wide-spread a promotional reach as possible. The Organic Landscape Association Events Calendar can provide an extended reach for events of all types as we organize the industry and lay the foundation for a nation-wide transition to organic landscaping practices.

Promoting Scalable Online Events

If an event is online, exposure to a broader audience is a real difference-maker. Online events like webinars remove the geographic limitations to attendance by reaching across regions and exposing the concepts of organic land management into new pockets of the country.

Online events have the advantage of scale because they are not limited to seating limitations or travel to a physical location. Increasing the attendance of online events through greater promotion can directly translate to more acreage of land successfully transitioning to a chemical-free approach to maintenance and stewardship. This fact makes expanding the promotional reach of online events of paramount importance and is the reason the Organic Landscape Association is investing heavily in online education in 2018 and beyond.

“Increasing the attendance of online events through greater promotion can directly translate to more acreage of land successfully transitioning to a chemical-free approach to maintenance and stewardship.”

Industry Momentum & Increased Demand

The organic landscape movement is growing out of its infancy and continues to gain momentum.

Now that the products, principles, and protocols of organic landscaping are transitioning to the mainstream, industry events will be a critical factor for continued growth.

Events drive awareness and demand. As knowledge of harmful effects of conventional land management continues to rise within the industry and the general public, the market demand for organic products and services will increase in lockstep.

Help Meet Growing Market Demand

Each year the market is placing an increased level of pressure on decision-makers to adopt natural land management strategies. The number of qualified organic landscape professionals is currently insufficient to meet demand.

More promotional power can help the industry meet the increasing market demand by informing or training new professionals as well as established companies looking to evolve away from conventional, synthetic-based methods.

"The number of qualified organic landscape professionals is simply insufficient to meet demand."

Our mission at the OLA is to support, educate and connect professionals and advocates in a way that has previously not existed. The promotion of informational events and educational opportunities through the OLA Events Calendar an essential initiative.

The entire industry is becoming connected through membership with the Organic Landscape Association.

The OLA Events Calendar will bring the coordinating power and national platform of the OLA to bear when promoting events across that country that advance the practices of organic landscaping.

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